Artisans of Up-cycled


Talis offers two lines of eco friendly products. We offer elegant, lightweight bags that are vibrantly coloured, on trend and extremely durable. They are sustainably produced in Cambodia by the physically disabled or deaf who are now given quality training and a fair wage. Our ethically sourced purses are made from mosquito and fishing nets originally intended for use in other industries. Our design and production partner, YEK of Peace Handicraft, purchases unused remnants, end of rolls and net leftovers from commercial factories. The materials are washed and good areas are selected for cutting. The net materials are not dyed but used in combinations to create the unique line of colours.

Another line of our up-cycled products is made from material originally used as cement, rice, or feed bags throughout Southeast Asia. Fun, vibrant, lightweight, water resistant, and extremely durable, our products ultimately save energy and reduce the amount of pollutants in the environment by reusing readily available materials. All of our up-cycled designs are made by Ta Prohm that employs home-based single mothers, artisans with disabilities, disadvantages, and vulnerabilities in their communities in Cambodia.

Both of our producer groups are certified under the Artisans Association of Cambodia, an internationally certified fair trade organization.


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